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1.ChangshaBlower Plant Investment Project

 Changsha Blower Plant Ltd Liability Company was founded in 1950. It’s headquater is located in Tree Ridge Road No. 388 ( branch is in Jinpen Ridge Road No.77 ). It has an area of 317 acreage( mu ) which including 260 acres of industrial land. The company’s total asset is 272 million yuan ( including land assets ) with the net assets of 130.64 million yuan and registered capital of 53.564 million yuan, including 14.4 million yuan of the state-owned equity ( 26.88% ) and 39.164 million yuan personal equity ( 73.12% ). Now , the company has 1205 staff , of whom 971 are on the job ( including 39 members who are working in industry and trade, labor and service ) , and 234 are retried or long rested.

The company started to produce blower in 1958, completed a full range of Roots Blower design in 1973 and had become the first factory which complete with series of Roots blower products. It also completed the drafting of a series of national standards about the professional Roots Blower technic. In 1981, it built the largest Roots blower testing center and quality and supervision station about blower products. In 1986, approved by the State Economic and Trade Comission, the company introduced advanced blower ( vacuum ) design and manufacturing technology from Japan. The companycarried out a large-scale technical transformation in 1994 ( passed the IS09001-2000 review in 2003 ) ; implemented the share-holding system in October, 2000 and completed the product technology upgrading in 2001. In 2004, it build joint venture Changsha Jingxin Foundry Ltd ( holding 51% stake ). At the same year , it invested share in the production of compressor of Xi’an University Sai’er Pumps Ltd. ( holding 20% stake ).

The company is the national mainly responsible unit of the major technological research of Roots blowers, the manufacturing enterprises of the important technical equipment and the drafting unit of the national standard for Roots blower. It’s main products are Roots Blower ( vacuum ), Fan and muffler and noise mask. Roots blower is the leading product. According to the statistic fo the National Association of Fan industry , the unit sales of the 21 Roots association memebers in 2001 is 25020 sets, 755 million yuan. Consider the products which were not failure to incorporate the statistical number, domestic demand for Roots blower are about 900 million yuan . In 2006, the company sold210 million yuan , accounting for 28% of the domestic market share.

In recent years , the restructuring and market opportunities acceleratied the developing of the company. It’s production and operation is of highly effective, which showing a sustained , steady and rapid growth momentum.,but due to the incomplete restruturing, a series of deep-seated problems still exist in the company such as inperfect structure, heavy historical burden, unreasonable operating mechanism, which affect and constrain the further development of the enterprise. Therefore, the company put forward “ three step ” developing ideas


 2.Changsha Boiler Plant Investment Project

Changsha Boiler Plant limited liability company, founded in 1956, has 50 years history of boilers, pressure vessels design and manufacturing . It’s the key enterprise of the production of industrial boilers power station boiler and pressure vessel under the provement of state Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision, the first professional manufacture enterprise which have the certificate to design Grade A boiler in Hunan province. In addition, the company has the I, II pressure vessel design manufacture permits and Class B boiler installation permits. Though the construction and technological innovasion, the company now has the ability of product 6000 tons of steaming with the output of 500 million yuan . The industiral boiler machinery products Thermal Performance Testing Center examined by the State Quality and Technical Supervision and the State Bureau of Machinery Industry and ChinaWeldingAssociationChangshaWeldingTrainingCenter are located in the company.

The company has a fixed assets of 340 million yuan with an area of 170,000 square meters which including 154526.22 square meter ( 231.79 acres ) if net production arears, 44.571 square meters of factory building areas, 9568.95 square meters of office building areas, 4124.37 square meters of auxiliary space ( storage, garage, etc ). Road Area : 20.563 square meters. Green space : about 40.000 square meters. Vacant area: 43.768 square meters.


The company has more than 600 units equipment, including 362 units of major equipment, 202 units of top equipment , 20 units of forging equipment , 62 units of important welding equipment, 19 units of non-destructive testingequipment and 43 units of lifting transport equipment.

Now the company has 885 workers and more than 150 engineering technicians among which more than 110 members are senior and middle-rank technician. At the beginning of 1990s , the CAD working station and computer aided design were put into operation . The company have 15 divisions, eight branch and a affiliated company.

The main product : power station boilers, industrial boilers, hot water boilers, automatic fuel, gas, electirc boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers, the chain grate boilers, gas furnale boilers, biomass fuel boilers, pressure vessels I, II, cement, ferrosilicon, sulfuric acid, oil reminders of all the exhaust and waste and all other kinds of heat boilers, black liquor boiler, special boiler, petrochemicals and some other non –standard products.

The company , strong in technology, has advanced manufacturing technology and complete detection means. Besides, the Grade two measurement certificate ane Grade three standardized certificate, the company has got ISO9001 quality recognition. With the good product which is under good control, the company has been the provincial and municipal advanced quality management business and has been granted “ trustworthy enterprise” by the promincial government for 10 years. In recent years, through constantly improving the design tools and methodologies, absorbing the talent, the company had not only got a technology research team of product dresign , testing and development, but had the ability of absorbing , digesting, and extending the adbnced technology at home and abroad,. In addition, it maintained a long-term and good technological exchange and cooperation with TsinghuaUniversity, HarbinIndustryUniversity, Xi’an Transportation University and carried out the research, design and demonstration o new boiler. The company has total of 14 series products more than 200 varieties with over 50% of the rate of annual new products and more than 90% for the first-class product. These product are of high level of technology. Many of these products, be in the domestic advanced condition or fill the gap, were named “ provincial , national distinction” and got the national , provincial and municipal science and technology achievement award and also had been exported to some developed countries of south Asia. All the company’s product , spread in all the provinces, municipal automousregions, were highly praised by the users at home and abroad with its wuperior product performance, perfect auxiliary , convenient supply of parts and high-quality after-sales service.


Changsha Boiler Plant Limited Liability Company, take the enterprise concept of “ building green brand, constructing green water and blue sky project ” and the quality guideline of “ satisfied products, perfect service”, produceZhong Tian Boiler brand through scientific management , strong technology strength, advanced equipment, perfect examing method and high-quality service.


In 2007 , the company finsihed its system restruction . After stripping off the bad assets and restructuring costs, the company has a net assets of 169.2785 million yuan , accounting for 97.4% of the company’s total equity. Individual workers share 4.52million yuan ,accounting for 2.6% of the company’s total capital. The company , through the adoption of corporate governance structure, established a modern enterprise system and is trying to accelerate its development of through promoting the implementation of capital operation strategy, brand strategy and human resources strategy.

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